We are situated on the N11 between Newcastle and Ladysmith in Northern Kwa Zulu Natal, in an area known as The Biggarsberg.  We are part of the Biggarsberg Conservancy therefore have a rich diversity of birds and plains game, in fact two of our trails go through large game camps and the Mawelawela overnight stop is actually in one of the game camps.


The type of riding we do is long distance riding – we live in a very beautiful area with a variety of terrain, such as mountains, grasslands, farmlands and game camps, all of which makes for wonderful riding opportunities.  The horses are mountain ponies, used to going anywhere and doing anything.  They are easy to ride, going straight from the walk into a loping canter.  They are trained daily so are very well behaved and have wonderful, laidback temperaments.  We use McClelland saddles with long stirrups for comfort, the horses are all ridden with one hand and can neck rein.  I have many riders who are not experienced and these horses just carry them through.


All trails will be led by myself and we will be accompanied by one other person who rides along as backup.  I like to keep my groups small and personal but can handle groups of up to 8 riders.  We pack saddlebag lunch on the days that we are trailing between overnight accommodation and like to stop frequently to stretch our legs, have a smoke break, take photos or eat snacks.  We have one longer stop for lunch every day.  The whole atmosphere is very relaxed!


I believe that I can offer you a well structured riding experienced based on the fact that I am an experienced long-distance rider, having taken part in 80km, 160km and 480km endurance rides and have been hosting children’s holiday riding camps for many years.


We are often chosen by families as this is the perfect opportunity for a family to spend quality time together, whether the family is made up of parents plus smallish children, or older parents with adult children.


Here at Biggarsberg Horse Trails, we specialize in personalized itineraries and welcome ideas and suggestions of how we can structure your trails to make you, as the client, happy and comfortable.


Andrea Conjč

Founder of Biggarsberg Horse Trails