Battlefields on horseback!

This is a novel, exciting and tactile way to experience Battlefield Tours in this area! I am able to transport the horses to whichever battle site you want to ride and to organise a registered tour guide for the tour in question.  He will accompany us on horseback or ‘walk’ us through the battle from the ground; both methods have been used successfully. 
So far, I have ‘toured on horseback’, the following battle sites: - Hlobane, Elandslaagte, Spioenkop, Rorkesdrift and Isandlwana. 
A booking for one or all of these tours would probably necessitate making use of accommodation close to the battle site/s, which can be organised. 

As the years go by I find myself becoming more and more interested and involved in the history of this area and in the various battles themselves.  In March 2007 I had the privilege of hosting the British 17th Lancers, who came here to recreate a genuine bivouac in our area.
Using my horses, they made picket lines, rode in formation, fired rifles from the saddle and did drills and mock charges using their lances.  The ‘Boer’ reinactors were also here to act as ‘the enemy’ and to add more colour and interest to this fascinating spectacle.
All of this was new to me and I must say that apart from very hard work (caring for 20 people) it was an absolute joy to be a spectator to everything that happened in the 7 days that they were here.
- Andrea Cronje