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Biggarsberg Horse Trails
offer super outrides  to residents or visitors to the area whether novice or experienced.   We do a one hour ride which is good for real beginners that are a bit wary of what to expect. 

The 2 hour ride is the most popular choice as it appeals to the keen beginner who wants to try a bit more speed and a little more distance and to the experienced rider it allows enough time to really get going. 

If you are in the area long enough to join us for a whole day ride, you will enjoy a lovely ride which will include many long loping canters and covers a variety of terrain, including parts of the Biggarsberg mountains. The day rides includes a saddlebag lunch.

For more information on the specific trails click on the button above with the name of the trail.

We offer moonlight rides when and if the weather permits.   This is an experience not to be missed ! Timing is everything - there are only a few nights of each month when there is the possibility of a moonlight ride.

Single surcharge on outrides does apply.

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