Steenbok Trail Duiker Trial Blesbok Trail Kudu Trail

(5 nights, 4 days ride)  

This trail has been developed especially for riders who are not riding fit or who have not ridden for a while.  It is a wonderful opportunity to work from our base at Larksend, trying out different horses and allowing me the time to guide you through the finer points of balance and comfort within our type of riding (western style).  Because we are using the Duiker Trails we are never too far away from home and can monitor your comfort around the time in the saddle all this in preparation for the upcoming 3 long days of trailing. 

After the first day, when we will be out and about and returning home for a lunch break, we will start the Blesbok Trail and continue for the following 3 days.

Please see accommodation for description and photos of the various overnight options.
Mawelawela price is worked out on a min of 4 persons.