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(Suitable for weekend – 2 nights, 1.5 days ride)

Trail ------ Description  

1.                  Arrive in the afternoon of the first day at Larksend Farm where you will be directed to the catered accommodation.  You will join Chuffy and Andrea for dinner in a homely atmosphere. 
Day 2, after a hearty breakfast we will meet at the horses around 9:30.  We will be riding a route of approx. 30km today to one of 2 choices of Guest Houses – Fodo or Thatchers.  See description of routes in “Blesbok Trail”. 
The following morning we will continue a circle route back to Larksend – it will be a shorter route, as we will be back before lunch.  There will, of course, still be time for a snack stop on the way home.
2.                  Arrive at Larksend in the afternoon of the first day.  You will stay in the catered accommodation and join Chuffy and Andrea for dinner and again the following morning for breakfast. 
We will leave here at approx. 9:30 on the second day and ride 22km to our overnight camp at Mawelawela Game Farm.  There is usually lots of plains game to see, as we will be riding for at least two and a half hours inside the Game Camp.  Your overnight bags will have been taken by vehicle to Mawelawela and will be waiting for you when we arrive.  We will stop for snacks/leg stretch/smoke break/ whatever and again later for saddlebag lunch.
Chuffy and I will prepare supper and breakfast for you at Mawelawela while you soak up the peaceful atmosphere.  Your overnight bags will be taken back to Larksend after breakfast.  We should leave Mawelawela around 9:30 in the morning of the 3rd day and ride via a different, but shorter route home to Larksend in time for you to be on the road before lunch.


3.                  This trail is exactly the same as No. 2 above, except that it is now self-catering cottage at Larksend and will pack your own snacks and lunch for the second day and snacks for the return trip.  Your food and overnight bags will be taken to and collected from Mawelawela.

Please see accommodation for description and photos of the various overnight options.
Mawelawela price is worked out on a min of 4 persons.